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Jim Edwards has been in the media and publication business for over thirty years as a Journalist, Photographer, and Journalist Reporter. He has been a freelance reporter for AP News, and CNN for many years and still to this day. He has covered every implosion of casinos in Las Vegas.  He weathered “Hurricane Andrew” as a freelance reporter for the Miami Herald. He was the founder and publisher for the renowned magazine “CIAO” which is now owned by a Fortune 500 publication magnate. His personal portfolio consist of over 500,000 image and videos

ETSN.News is a full service accredited online news-gathering firm for events and trade shows. We produce high quality digital news of interest from attending hundreds of events, and trade shows from “Coast to Coast”.

When coverage is completed and posted we distribute our news coverage content to our established major media partners, our database of reporters, Television and Radio newsrooms, newspapers, and media outlets worldwide for consideration.

We are owned and operated by Jepco LLC,  located in Las Vegas, Nevada for over fifteen years. Our news team members are some of the best professional writers, editors, photographers, video operators,  and photojournalist in the industry.

ETSN.News focuses on building loyalty and value with our licensees and media partners through a unique combination of great service, excellent products, unsurpassed distribution, operational excellence and technology leadership. We concentrate on building hand picked licensees and partners such as Business Wire, and Constant Contact, that are loyal and value for our brand.
 Who views and reads ETSN.News?

 ETSN.News is not a network such as ABC News or Fox News. We have a data base of over  2-5 million worldwide online subscribers that receive a quarterly newsletter. Our newsletter is sent via  (Constant Contact) our solutions partner and is sent to subscribers quarterly on what type of news preference they had selected when they signed up to receive our newsletters.

We also have a data base of over 14,000 members of the press that we share our content with. We have a  posting  website that generates unique visitors as we attend scheduled events and trade shows but does not generate  tremendous traffic such as ABC,FOX, or CNN however, each post is sent to social media platforms and google to share around the web.

What are the demographics and backgrounds of ETSN,News  readers and viewers?

ETSN.News,  recent survey of readers and viewers include CEO’s, Directors, Decision Makers, Manufacturers, Consultants, Satellite Television Contractors, Installers, Cable/Satellite Operators, Telecom Analysts, Dealers, Distributors, Re-sellers, Wireless Device Manufacturers, ISP’s, Systems integrator, Software Developers, IT managers, Web & Digital professionals, Engineers, Analysts, Technicians, Institutes, Advertising and Promotions Managers, Operation Managers, Telecommunications Engineering Specialists, Broadcast Technicians, Program Directors, Technical Directors/Managers, Radio and Television Announcers, Producers and Directors, Media and Communication Workers, Public Relations and Fundraising Managers, Audio and Video Equipment Technicians, Radio Operators, Social and Community Service Managers, Advertising Sales Agents, Photographers, Graphic Designers, Editors, Printing Press Operators, Desktop Publishers and many more. Other Industries : Oil & Gas, Energy & Utility, Health Care, Transportation, IT Security, Manufacturing, Finance, Insurance, Food & Beverage, Hospitality, Construction, Publishing and Printing, Semiconductors, and Security.

Does ETSN.News have advertisers?

Yes we do!

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